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The Arumloo works well in urban, rural and high density settings.  There are multiple downstream treatment options and we love partnering with others to achieve our dream of Equality in Sanitation.

Barkverville School Sanitation Scheme
Eastern Cape, South Africa

Thousands of school children in South Africa don't have access to functional toilets.  This project was supported by the SASTEP program and was a great opportunity to be a part of the solution to this problem.  We also installed a Pod Wastewater ecological treatment system that will treat and recycle the water for toilet flushing for the dry winter months.

NextGen Waterfree Solutions in Botswana

An initial trial installation of 120 Arumloo toilets was installed by our Botswana Distributor Nextgen Waterfree Solutions at Botlhale Cambridge International School in Gaborone. This intervention has produced a 91% water saving for the school.  The success of this programme has been noted by the Ministry of Education and other private schools, with one visitor to the installation commenting "I have never seen a toilet that can flush like this!"

Botswana Collage.jpeg

We are committed to
changing the landscape of sanitation.

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