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Equality in Sanitation

When nature calls, in an age of massive technological development, millions of people worldwide still don’t have access to adequate sanitation.  At the same time, water insecurity is becoming a major global issue.  But for many people a flush toilet is an aspirational standard and the benchmark for dignified sanitation.


We are committed to being part of the solution, by providing beautiful water-efficient technologies, like the Arumloo toilet that flushes on less than two litres of water, so that everyone can have access to their own toilet.


In communities that don’t benefit from a sewer connection, the toilet’s low water use enables multiple wastewater treatment options, so that flush toilets can be provided where not previously possible, whether in the home, schools, rural or high density urban settlements.


We believe everyone has the right to

reliable dignified sanitation.

Our Story
Arum Lily Close Up


The first flush toilet designed by Sir John Harrington for Queen Elizabeth I in 1592 flushed with 26 litres of water! In an age where water shortages and droughts are becoming more familiar, this seems like an outrage.  Most modern toilets now flush on 6 to 9 litres which is much better than that first loo back in the 16th Century, though there are still a few ancient relics hanging about that use a lot more. 

We started looking more closely at the volume we flush, when we developed a toilet that could be flushed with a jug, for people living in homes without piped water.  This highlighted the need for a low flush, effective and beautiful toilet that could save water every time nature calls... surely there could be a way to reduce the flush volume even more?

We drew inspiration from the genius that we see in nature, in particular, the Arum Lily. The vortex form of the lily represents the path of least resistance, defining the novel shape of the toilet bowl for more efficient flushing. This birthed the idea of the Arumloo toilet.


Arumloo (Pty) Ltd was established in 2016 with the vision of enabling equal access to water-efficient sanitation for all.  We believe that everyone has the right to reliable dignified sanitation and are committed to changing the landscape of sanitation in order to achieve this goal.

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We will be open, honest, and straightforward about our operations and our product.


Our products will deliver the performance and reliability that we say they will.


We will respect our customers, our partners, our staff and the environment.


We believe that everyone has an equal right to

good quality water and sanitation systems.


with Transparency, Integrity, Dignity and Equality

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